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At Iconic Wall and Floor Tiling Pty Ltd, we offer a host of tiling services. Each one of these services is looked after by expert professionals who have years of experience behind them. Before, we start work on any project; our experts will have an in-depth discussion with you to better understand your requirements and specifications. This helps us to complete the projects in the way you want us to.

  • Interior And Exterior Tiling: Our experts have dealt with interior and exterior tiling projects. We will recommend the type of tiles needed depending on where they need to be fitted. For interior and exterior tiling, you can take your pick from ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic variety. They come in different colors and designs and can be coordinated with the particular room styling.
    All the tiles have a natural finish to it for a refined look. The right tile can make or break the look of the property. Hence, we recommend that you check out our extensive range of collections before you decide on the style and look you want.
  • Floor Leveling And Grinding: It is not the job of a layman. A certain degree of expertise is required for floor leveling and grinding otherwise the end result will not be a suitable one.
    The flooring needs of every client vary depending on the size, shape and detail. However, we strive to maintain the same level of expertise and performance in all our projects. As each assignment is different, the level of preparation also varies for doors, fireplaces and other ornamental features.
    We are fully compliant with the Health and Safety policy. We ensure that there is no violation of any environmental issues including the noise pollution standard mentioned.
  • Stone Works: Whether it is your kitchen, vanity, or a laundry top, Iconic Wall and Floor Tiling Pty Ltd will plan and execute your natural stone requirements so that it fits your specified budget and timeframe. We have an excellent range of granite and marble solutions from which you can take your pick.
    As far as commercial projects are concerned, we have skilled experience in dealing with building projects that need fabrication and installation of natural stone. Our proven track record of delivering products on time ensures that our contractors can relax and focus on the completion of the project on time, every time.
  • Waterproofing: We use high quality products so that they can easily sustain the harsh Australian weather. We believe in identifying the root cause of water leakage before we suggest any kind of waterproofing solutions. Rather than depending on traditional methods, we rely of the latest technology to find out the reason behind the leak and fix it accordingly.
    We will offer you a step-by-step solution including the quote so that you have a clear idea of the entire process and the costs involved. Our personalized services are sure to meet all your demands.
  • Staircase Designs: The style and design of your staircase design will depend on the space available, the style you have in mind, the look you want, and the type of products you wish to use and the budget. This is why, our experts will visit your place to get a first hand idea of where the staircase needs to be installed before we can offer you any solutions. You can take your pick from our extensive range of tiles we have on offer. We believe in personalized service and care and thus we follow this method.
    Marble And Granite Solutions: We at Iconic Wall and Floor Tiling Pty Ltd understand the broad spectrum of functional and endless possibilities that marble and granite solutions can offer. We have a wide range of colors and designs to take your pick from.
    Our experienced teams of artisans are ready to undertake any installation project irrespective of the size and the complexity involved. We are also experts in grinding, cleaning and polishing the broken stones back into shape.