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Floor Leveling and Grinding NSW

Do your floors look dirty, drab and unappealing? Looking to hire professionals for taking on floor levelling and grinding in NSW? We are here to help. At Iconic Wall and Floor Tiling, we have decades of experience in providing home and business owners with prompt and high-quality floor levelling and grinding services.

Highly Effective Floor Levelling and Grinding Process in NSW

With the increase in popularity of timber floors and large format tiles, having a smooth and level subfloor is more important than ever. Our highly effective floor levelling service involves removal of dust, cleaning a floor, crack filling, a coat of primer and applying a special levelling mix. Once we cure the floor, it is available for resurfacing in any of the flooring solutions of your choice. We use high-end equipment, the best methods and top-of-the-line products to patch and level your floor with the utmost precision and care.

Heavy foot traffic, years of wear and tear and harsh weather conditions can make a floor unappealing and dirty. There is nothing to worry about as our floor grinding services are tailored to produce a floor that is level and smooth – making it look like new again. No matter how big or small your project is, we make floor levelling and grinding in NSW, easy and hassle-free. Our highly experienced tradesmen use high-end diamond grinders to remove any existing epoxy, adhesives or any other floor coating from the existing floor. With constant wear over time, your floors can become uneven and irregular. Our floor grinding services not only restore the surfaces to a level and even area but also help to find the right shine.

Attention to Every Minute Detail

Flooring is not the job of a layman. A certain degree of expertise is required for floor leveling and grinding otherwise the end result will not be a suitable one.

The flooring needs of every client vary depending on the size, shape and detail. However, we strive to maintain the same level of expertise and performance in all our projects. As each assignment is different, the level of preparation also varies for doors, fireplaces and other ornamental features.

We at Iconic Floor and Wall Tiling are fully compliant with the Health and Safety policy. We ensure that there is no violation of any environmental issues including the noise pollution standard mentioned. We provide all our flooring and tiling services in Lane Cove, Frenchs Forest, Parramatta, Bankstown and nearby suburbs in NSW.